Park Name
Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone is America's first national park. Founded in 1872, it was established by the United States congress and set aside for the enjoyment of the people. This region is home to a very diverse set of wildlife, fascinating geology and is best known for its thermal features.
Grand Canyon National Park The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder, spanning hundreds of miles and over a mile deep at some points. The scale of the Canyon is massive, and is a wonder to behold in person.
Crater Lake National Park Teddy Roosevelt signed legislation establishing Crater Lake as a National Park in 1902. It is the only national park in Oregon. The Oregon commemorative quarter features Crater Lake, the quarter is guaranteed to be worth at least twenty five cents forever.
Death Valley National Park On February 11, 1933, President Herbert Hoover proclaimed a national monument in and around Death Valley, setting aside almost two million acres (8,000 km2) of southeastern California and small parts of southwestern Nevada.
Glacier National Park Glacier National Park rivals Yellowstone in its breathtaking scenery and varied landscapes. It sees just as many people - millions each year come to the serene and stunning park to enjoy its beauty.
Yosemite National Park A “good natured debate” occurs between Yosemite and Yellowstone over who was the FIRST national park. Congress did establish Yellowstone in 1872 but years before then, in 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed the “Yosemite Grant” which set aside the area for preservation.