Death Valley National Park

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We only make inside the park reservations. Staying inside the park lets you avoid long entrance lines, and puts you closer to the attractions. Book your memorable National Park vacation with us, and all room reservations completed through us are INSIDE the park.

On February 11, 1933, President Herbert Hoover proclaimed a national monument in and around Death Valley, setting aside almost two million acres (8,000 km2) of southeastern California and small parts of southwestern Nevada.

On October 31, 1994 the name “Death Valley Monument” was enlarged and renamed “Death Valley National Park” becoming the largest national park in the “lower 48”.  Does anyone besides me think it is NOT a coincidence Death Valley became a national park on Halloween? The names of a LOT of everything in Death Valley are associated with death so be aware of this when you see a street or any other named place.

Death Valley is BIG, like REALLY BIG. It is the biggest national park in the “lower 48”. Always be sure to have plenty of fuel in your car and ALWAYS-ALWAYS have plenty of water in your car and in your backpack, ALWAYS!

Death Valley has many abandoned mines, DO NOT approach any abandoned mine, they are VERY dangerous.


Stovepipe Wells Hotel
Stovepipe Wells Hotel is open year-round and offers comfortable rooms inside Death Valley National Park. Your Stovepipe Wells Hotel room may have a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain ranges or our historic inner courtyard.
Furnace Creek Inn
Furnace Creek Inn, located a short drive from the Ranch, is the definition of luxury. Open seasonally from mid-Oct till mid-May. Furnace Creek Inn was designed to blend with the magnificent desert scenery.
Furnace Creek Ranch
Furnace Creek Ranch, open year round, is luxury and comfort in the middle of the desert. Restaurants, gift shops and relaxation abound! Furnace Creek Ranch offers a restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a swimming pool for cooling off after a walk around the complex.