Grand Canyon National Park

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We only make inside the park reservations. Staying inside the park lets you avoid long entrance lines, and puts you closer to the attractions. Book your memorable National Park vacation with us, and all room reservations completed through us are INSIDE the park.

Imagine its a few years after the Civil War and you are one of the first to make the raft trip down the entirety of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Now, imagine you have no clue what is ahead? Now imagine your John Wesley Powell and your the leader of the expedition and you only have one arm. You can stop imagining, all of this was true. Major Powell's expedition led the way for all of America, and the world, to recognize one of the top attractions in the world.

Today you can take a car, or even a train, to the Grand Canyon. Lodging is abundant inside the park.
The El Tovar Hotel is the most well-known and popular but there are other lodges that are just as both comfortable and convenient for staying inside the park. All of the lodging is extremely well run and well taken care of. You will have comfortable lodging at any of these lodges, Maswik Lodge, Thunderbird Lodge, Maswik Lodge, Yavapai Lodge or Bright Angel Lodge/cabins.

All throughout Grand Canyon “Village” you will find numerous restaurants offering snacks, burgers and fine casual dining at the El Tovar restaurant. Within the Village, restauants will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. An in-park grocery store offers plenty of choices for picnics or day trips.

One thing to remember when your “just taking a walk”, its EASY to walk DOWN the trail toward the bottom of the canyon so unless you're prepared for the walk back UP, be safe and just go a short distance down the trail, then head back to the rim for a refreshing drink.

After you see Grand Canyon at sunset, you will definitely want to set your alarm clock to get up early and watch the sunrise. If going out before the sun rises, BE CAREFUL!

The Grand Canyon is a geologic wonder to behold. The canyon was shaped over millions of years by the mighty Colorado river, which worked its way through the bedrock below, carving the beautiful feature we enjoy today. The Grand Canyon is over 270 miles long and its depths span 1 mile at some points in the canyon. It can be enjoyed from any vantage point - hiking into the canyon, standing on one of the many viewing points on the rim, and some even enjoy the feature from the air, as helicopter tours are offered of the Canyon.

Be sure to wear very good hiking shoes when hikling in the Grand Canyon area. Also, be sure to carry plenty of water or a snack with you. Always be prepared when hiking in any wilderness environment, and the desert environment of the Grand Canyon is no different!


El Tovar Hotel
El Tovar Hotel, built in 1905, was the first lodging designated for Grand Canyon visitors. This National Historic Landmark is located on the rim of the Grand Canyon and has been a stopping point for such famous visitors as Albert Einstein and Theodore Roosevelt.
Thunderbird Lodge
Thunderbird lodge is a modern lodge located on the Grand Canyon rim, with partial views of the Canyon.
Maswik Lodge
Maswik Lodge is located on the west side of Grand Canyon Village. The lodge is spread out over several acres of forest and is a short 1/4 mile from the edge of the Grand Canyon.
Kachina Lodge
The Kachina Lodge is a contemporary lodging facility located on the rim of the Grand Canyon. The rooms are modern and comfortable and the hotel is conveniently located to dining facilities nearby.
Yavapai Lodge
Yavapai Lodge is about a 1/2 mile from the Grand Canyon's rim, and is the largest lodging facility at the Grand Canyon. Yavapai is conveniently located near many facilities, including the Market Plaza and NPS Visitor center.
Bright Angel Lodge
The Bright Angel Lodge is located at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This hotel was built in 1935 and is designated a National Historic Landmark. The hotel features an ice cream fountain during the winter and a gift shop and lounge year round in the lobby.