Yosemite National Park

Reservations Services Company

We only make inside the park reservations. Staying inside the park lets you avoid long entrance lines, and puts you closer to the attractions. Book your memorable National Park vacation with us, and all room reservations completed through us are INSIDE the park.

A “good natured debate” occurs between Yosemite and Yellowstone over who was the
FIRST national park. Congress did establish Yellowstone in 1872 but years before then, in 1864,
President Abraham Lincoln signed the “Yosemite Grant” which set aside the area for preservation.
To add confusion to the “good nature'd debate” it was President Grant who signed the legislation creating Yellowstone as the first national park.


Ahwahnee Hotel
You and your family may be treated the same as the Kings and Queens from all over the world who have stayed in the luxury of the Ahwahnee Hotel. The Ahwahnee Dining Room is open casually for breakfast and lunch with a more "formal casual attire requested" for dinner.